You'll find user groups in the 'More' menu of the sklera CMS.

A user group defines a set of permissions for users assigned to the group. While you can add simple mode users to user groups, we recommend setting users to Advanced mode. 

A user group consists of the following information:

  • Group name
    Assign a name for the group.

  • Channel
    Channel where the administration of this group happens.
    WARNING: This only handles the administration of the group. Channel access for the users is handled in the permissions section!

  • Description
    Optional short description of what the group is supposed to do.

  • Users
    A list of users which are assigned to this group. You may add or remove users here, or do that while editing a specific user. You can add any sklera user that you can manage.

  • Permissions
    A list of one or more permission sets users in this group should have. You can add a new permission set by clicking the green button; Existing sets can be edited or removed.

WARNING: Don't forget to save any changes you've made by pressing the 'save' button!

Add new permission / Edit permission

As soon as you create a new set of permissions or edit an existing set the permission editor opens on the right side of the screen. The editor contains the following:

  • Channels
    Pick at least one channel this set of permissions applies to. You can select any channels you have access to.
    This grants assigned users access to any channel you add here!

  • Description
    A short description describing this specific ruleset.

  • Presets
    This is an optional dropdown - you can choose default permission sets based on the sklera roles. Selecting a preset automatically selects all relevant permissions in the tree below.

  • Permissions
    Here you'll find an expandable tree with all permissions available to your users. For convenience this is sorted according to the various areas of the sklera CMS. You may choose as few or as many permissions as you like.

  • Save / Cancel
    Save your changes, or not.

Any changes you make to the user groups and their permissions immediately apply to the assigned users upon saving.