With our Electron based skler player software you can turn the screens of your Microsoft Windows devices into Digital Signage Screens.

System requirements

Windows 7, 8 or 10
Recommended: minimum of 4 GB RAM

Minimum of 4 GB of free hard drive space for installation of the player and downloaded content


  • Download the installer for the Electron player for Windows: skleraSetup-latest.exe
  • Launch the installer by double-clicking on the icon
  • Use the installation option 'install only for me' and confirm the suggested target directory.
  • Wait until the installation is complete.

After installing the sklera player you'll find a shortcut to the player app and a 'watchdog' folder on your desktop.

We recommend running the 'install-watchdog.bat' file within the watchdog folder - this will add a task to the Windows Task Scheduler running every minute, checking if the player software is running or not.

Note: We strongly recommend installing the software with a user account which automatically signs in to Windows upon reboot.

Starting the Electron Player

You can either let the installer launch the application upon finishing installation, or, if you opted against that, via double click on the shortcut found on your desktop.

The application will start automatically upon every reboot of the system. As mentioned earlier, we recommend utilizing an user account which signs into Windows automatically - see https://support.microsoft.com.

Securing Windows 10 (Disable Edge Swiping)

Windows 10 offers quick access to a variety of system tasks and settings by using mouse or touch gestures. We recommend disabling this funcitonality, especially if input devices remain accessible or the screen in question is a touchscreen.

To disable Edge Swiping you will need to edit the Windows Registry:

  1. Start the Windows Registry editor (Press the Windows key and search 'regedit').
  2. Navigate to the Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\EdgeUI (or create it if nonexistent).
  3. Add a new 32bit DWORD named 'AllowEdgeSwipe' (sans quotes) send set the value to 0 (Zero).
  4. Log out and Log in to Windows again, or reboot the device for the setting to take effect.

Multiple Displays connected to the PC

Our Electron player automatically detects every connected screen and creates a separate pairing code for each.

Switching Servers for sklera enterprise installations (on premise)

If the sklera player is running, exit it by pressing Ctrl+4. Run the change-server.vbs script in the watchdog folder and enter the player server address of your sklera instance. Relaunch the player app afterwards.

Note: Using the script is optional. All you need to do is set the environment variable SKLERA_PLAYER_URL to the correct address.

Pair the Screen with sklera

You can now add the screen to your sklera channel with the pairing code.

Note: You will need one open screen license for every screen you wish to use as Digital Signage Display.


We are continually developing and improving the sklera Electron player app. The app automatically checks for updates and handles download and installation on its own.

Useful Shortcuts:

Strg+1: Restart Player App
Strg+2: Open status window
Strg+3: Check for Updates

Strg+4 : Close Player (note: if the Watchdog is active it'll restart within a minute).
Strg+Shift+i : Open Dev console

F1: Toggle Full Screen Mode