From sklera 3.7.1 on Custom Values allow you to define placeholders for your Channels and individual screens, which you can subsequently use in your layouts.

Creating Custom Values

Global Channel values

To define custom values for your channel open 'More->Data'  and navigate to the 'Custom Values' tab.
You will be presented with an input form where you can create new key-value pairs and edit existing ones.

The key is mandatory, but you can leave the value empty if you desire so.

Note: The key is limited to alphanumeric characters and underscores and does not accept any special characters, You will not be able to add a custom value otherwise.
The value itself is plain text. Please note that any HTML markup you enter here will simply be rendered as plain text and will not be formatted from there. You can style the value in the text editor widget of the layout editor

Enter your key and value and click the Add button. You can create as many as you like.
Important: The newly created values will only be saved once you press the Save button at the bottom of the form.

Custom Values screen with Channel and Display values.

Local Screen values

Channel values are accessible to every screen in your channel. In some cases you'll want to have a specific value on individual screens.

To create screen values, navigate to the screen you want to add it to and edit the screen. In the display settings you'll find the custom values tab, where you can create key-value pairs analogous to the channel values.

Using custom values

You can use your defined custom values in Text widgets and Text editor widgets by placing placeholders in them.

In Text widgets you can simply select your custom values from the dropdown in the popup, where you'll find all your Channel custom values:

Navigate to the custom values and select your channel value, and the placeholder will be added to the text field.

As soon as you've selected a value, your textfield will have something like this added:

Using Screen values 

Owing to the fact that Screen values are defined locally on individual displays the layout editor does not have direct access to these. You can still use your Screen values by manually putting a placeholder in place. To do so, simply enclose your Screen value key in double curly brackets as in the example above and below:


Using Custom Values in Text Editor Widgets

You can use Custom Values of both varieties in text editor widgets, and freely style the placeholder. However, currently you are required to enter the placeholders manually for both Screen and Channel values - refer to the 'Using Screen Values' section how to do so.

Note: Mistyping keys in the placeholders, or forgetting/omitting to define custom values will result in the Display simply leaving a blank space in place of the custom value. If you can't see your custom values in the preview or on screens, double-check your keys in the layouts and custom value screens.

Previewing custom values

You can use the preview included in the layout editor to show the custom values your placeholders are replaced with. Please note that you will only be able to see Channel values - Screen values are stored on your devices and only accessible there.

Public Values

Public Values are custom values which can be edited via a publicly accessible URL without requiring a sklera user. You need to generate a Custom Value token in the settings of the custom values screen. Once you check the 'URL is publicly accessible' checkbox the public URL is displayed.

Once you navigate to that URL you will be able to see and edit all custom values which have been previously marked as public.

WARNING: Please ensure that you store your token/public URL securely. Anyone who has knowledge of the public URL is able to see and edit your public values. When in doubt, regenerate the token to change the public URL.