Explanation of the various status indicator colors:


The display player software is connected to the server and has detected no issues in playing its assigned playlist(s).

Green with rotating  orange frame:

The display player software is connected to the server and plays its assigned playlist(s), while downloading new or additional playlist files.


Warning: The display player software is connected, but is having playback issues or isn't playing anything. 

This can have several possible sources:

  1. Manually pausing the playback, either via the Control panel in the display details or via our JS SDK
  2. There are no active playlists assigned to the player.
  3. There is a time discrepancy between the player and the server. In this case, the status display intermittently switches between green and orange.


Standby - the player has assigned operating times and is currently in standby due to these.


The player is offline - no communication with the server is possible. If this is caused by a temporary loss of connection the player will continue to play its playlist and downloaded contents.


ERROR: The Player is offline, but should be online according to scheduled operating times. Additionally active status monitoring has been enabled for this player.