1. On the back side of the device, simultaneously hold the home and power buttons to open the elo menu

  2. Login with the standard password 1elo

  3. If neccessary, configure WiFi in the network tab.

  4. Download the recent version of the Android APK onto a USB stick into the directory EloViewApp.

  5. Open the Apps tab and pick INSTALL LOCAL APP.

  6. The Player app ist being installed in the background and will be automatically launched after a reboot.

  7. The device will now display a pairing code which you can use to add the screen in the sklera CMS.

Hint: The USB port is found on the back side of the device in the righthand maintenance access port. It is recommended to use an USB extension cable to connect the stick to the port.

See also: https://www.elotouch.com/elo-view (FAQ -> How do I locally install an application on my device?)