You can always obtain the most recent sklera Player version for Android by downloading and installing one of the APK files below:

Latest Release (Android OS >= 7.0): (copy link & insert in new browser tab)

Latest Crosswalk based Release (Android OS < 7.0): (copy link & insert in new browser tab)

Kiosk Mode Release: (copy link & insert in new browser tab)

Exiting the sklera Android Player App:
To close the app, connect a mouse to the device and right click twice.

Note about Philips 10BDL screens:
The app version linked above works on Philips 10BDL screens. We offer an adapted version specifically for those displays which enable additional functionality specific to Philips 10BDL screens. Please refer to the corresponding helpdesk article:

To the article

Android Watchdog:

The Android Watchdog ist an optional app which enables automatic period checks whether the Player app is running or not and restarts it if needed. On rooted Android OS devices the Watchdog also offers automatic updates for the sklera player app.

The watchdog is recommended for the app versions labeled 'Latest Release' and 'Latest crosswalk Release' above. The Kiosk Mode Release comes with no internal autoupdater and installing the Android Watchdog in conjunction with it may lead to problems and needs to be tested before rollout.

Download the Watchdog here:


sklera Watchdog 2.3.6 APK (improved Support for Android 10 and up)

Please change the 'Auto updater config URL' according to your setup and player used:

For on Premise installations of sklera you will need to replace the sklera server URL with your own.

e.g.: (Webview) or (Crosswalk)


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