(Note: the configuration and installation on Samsung Tizen Displays and Displays with SSSP 4.0 or better is described in a separate article.)

The installation of sklera on Samsung Smart Signage Player Displays requires a few steps:

Hint: for increased ease of setup connect a USB keyboard to your display.

  1. Connect your display to power and network.

  2. Select language and press Next.

  3. Set the screen orientation to landscape and press Next.

  4. Deactivate automatic shutdown and press next.

  5. If you used an ethernet cable to connect the display it will automatically detect network settings via DHCP. If you want to connect the display via WiFi instead or need to manually enter network settings, please refer to the manufacturers' reference documents. Once you've completet your network setup, press next.

  6. Set the current time and date and press Next.

  7. Set the Player Type to URL Launcher and press Next.

  8. Enter the following URL: : https://start.sklera.tv and press 'Done' when finished.Setup is now complete. Confirm by pressing OK.

Reboot the device now.

If everything was configured correctly you will see the registration screen. Log in to https://my.sklera.tv using a web browser and your credentials, and connect the display to your account.



To reset an existing display to factory settings, shut down the display and power it on with while simultaneously pressing "MUTE + 1 + 8 +2 + POWERON" buttons. In the maintenance menu you can enact a Factory Reset. After a reboot you will be able to configure the display again.