SMART Signage

The look of menus may vary between different versions of firmware.

The setup of older Samsung displays with SSSP 2 to SSSP 3 is described here.

The setup of Samsung Tizen displays with Tizen 6.5 (SSSP 10) and higher is described here.

Hint: for greater ease of use and installation you can plug in an USB keyboard to the display.
Hint: To reset a display to factory settings power it down and start it with the key combo 'MUTE +1 + 8 + 2 + POWERON' on your remote. In case the Display has been set up with MagicInfo switch the signal source to DVI to enable the Service Menu after reboot.

In the service menu select the 'Factory Reset' item and confirm. After a reboot you'll be presented with the setup assistant.

Installation requires the following steps:

  1. Connect the display to its power supply (and, if applicable, to a ethernet cable)
  2. Select language

  3. Select "Basic Setup" installation type

  4. Select correct orientation for the display

  5. Deactivate automatic shutdown – this will be managed by sklera.

  6. If you are connecting the display via WiFi, enter WiFi settings as the next step.

  7. Select player type "URL Launcher"

  8. Enter URL (use only lowercase characters):
    As an alternative you can also use (non https url)
    Note for On Premise installations: instead of use PLAYER_URL/app/samsung , where PLAYER_URL is the address of your sklera player server instance. 
  9. Skip the setup of RM server.

  10. Set date and time, or if applicable enable and configure Network Time Protocol under Sytem>Time>NTP settings

  11. Under power settings, disable power saving.

After pressing the HOME button on your remote control you can pick 'URL Startprogramm'. There you can verify the URL. You can also launch the sklera Web app there.

The device is now configured for usage with sklera.