sklera supports all webOS Signage Display versions, such as the following screens:

  • LS55A series (webOS 1.0)
  • SM5B (webOS 2.0)
  • 22SM3B (webOS 2.0)
  • SM5C Serie (webOS 3.0)
  • SM5D Serie (webOS 3.2 *)

*ACHTUNG:Firmware versions 04.00.60 and 04.00.90 may have problems with the playback of videos. Please use versions 03.01.90 or 04.01.60 or newer. Please contact us if you require assistance when updating.

To connect a LG webOS Display with sklera simply follow the below steps:

webOS 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 Displays

  1. Connect and power on the Device

  2. Check network settings and internet connection.

  3. Open the Signage menu by holding the Settings button until you see a small popup in the top right corner.

  4. Enter the key combination 8+0+8+0+OK .

  5. In the Signage menu, select 'remote' as the Application Launch mode.

  6. Enable the 'Fully Qualified Domain Name' setting.

  7. Add our player URL in the corresponding input field:
  8. Reboot the device.

  9. After a brief loading time the device should display the pairing code.

2) webOS 3.2 Displays:

  1. Power on and select Quick Start.

  2.  Select language and Screen orientation.

  3. If required, configure WiFi settings.

  4. Synchronize date and time automatically.

  5. Open SI Server menu under EZ settings.

Select 'remote' for the Application Launch Mode. Enable 'Fully Qualified domain Name'. Enter our player URL into the dialog field:

If active, deactivate the 'Auto Set' option.

Reboot the device now.

After a brief load time the device should display the pairing code.