Overview of user role permissions in the sklera CMS:

Media Library - upload filesxxxxx-x
Media Library - manage own files-xxxx-x
Change Spots in existing playlists-xxxx--
Room Manager (if available)-xxxx-x
Playlist/Playout management--xxx--
Manage external Data sources (e.g. RSS)--xxx--
Edit Channel settings
Screens: Detailed view-xxxxx-
Screens: Change groups--xxx-x
Screens: Management--xxx--
Media Library - manage files of others---xx--
User administration (Channel)---xx--
Manage Screen Layouts---xx--
Create Reports---xx--
Manage policies---xx--
Edit Channel settings (server)----x--
User administration (server)----x--
Reseller settings----x--
Incident Manager----xx-

Current as of sklera version 3.6.1