Create playlists

In order to control which media is displayed on your screens you are able to create playlists in the sklera CMS. You can give a playlist an arbitrary name.

After saving the playlist it shows up in the playlist overview screen. The list is sorted alphabetically.

Manage playlist

Open your newly created playlist by clicking on the playlist name (if you haven't already opened it while creating it). Currently the playlist is empty. To add content from your library, press the 'Add spot' button found in the top right. You'll be presented with your content library – click on the element(s) you wish to add to the playlist. You can add multiple elements, and even the same element multiple times.

Essentially, a Spot is a combination of an element from your library and additional settings (such as display duration or transition effects). Adding a Spot sets default values for these (Display duration: 8 seconds, Transition effect: fade). 

You can change these settings at any time by hovering over the Spot you'd like to change and pressing the 'Settings'-symbol.

To change the order of Spots in the playlist, simply drag & drop the spots to their desired position.

Hint: you can edit multiple Spots at the same time by clicking on several Spots one after another and selecting the edit option in the actions menu.