Exchange integration in sklera

To show and sync calendars from Exchange sklera  uses the EWS interface.

You'll need to configure the Room Manager module with the username and password of an authorized user, as well as the EWS endpoint - typically https://SERVER/EWS/Exchange.asmx 

Following that the users' calendars can be accessed in the connections:

Now enter the login data for the Exchange account:

1 … URL of the Exchange EWS Endpoints

2 … Select Exchange version (when in doubt, do not change)

3 … Choose login type. We support 'basic' or 'ntlm'.

4 … Pick login name (E-Mail address)

5 … Password

If the connection is successful you can now pick and choose calendars of the user when creating or editing a room in the Room Manager.

Office 365 / Exchange online Integration

For Office 365, enter as server address and set the authentication type to 'basic'.

Room mailboxes:

To be able to read room mailboxes these need to be in a room list. This applies both to Exchange online (Office 365) as well as on premise servers.

In case your organization does not have any room lists yet you can create these with the following Powershell command:

New-DistributionGroup StandortName -Type distribution -RoomList

Following that you need to add the desired rooms to the list. This is possible via the GUI.

The account you configured in sklera is required to possess the appropriate access rights for the room mailbox and the calendars contained therein.

Use the Powershell command 'Add-MailboxFolderPermission' to set these rights. Example below for the Room Mailbox 'Galileo' and the user 'sklera':

Add-MailboxFolderPermission -identity “galileo:\Calendar” -user “sklera” -AccessRights Editor

If Two-Way Sync is enabled changes to events within the sklera CMS will be synced to Exchange. This two-way sync is required for the ad hoc booking functionality that if enabled on displays.

If you don't require ad hoc booking, the exchange account only needs read access to the calendars.

Powershell example:

##Exchange Cmds##
# Room list == Vienna, EWS Login == sklera@sklera.local, room mailbox == galileo

1. create room list
New-DistributionGroup Vienna -Type distribution -RoomList

2. add room mailbox to list
Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity Vienna -Member galileo

3. set access permissions:
Add-MailboxFolderPermission -identity “galileo:\Calendar” -user “sklera@sklera.local” -AccessRights Editor

Further reading: