1) Warning

Chrome OS hardware released from 2018 on (e.g. Asus Chromebox 3) requires a separately acquired Chrome Device Management (CDM) license to activate Kiosk mode.

Older hardware can still use Kiosk mode, provided that first installation happens on Chrome OS Version 69 or 79. If the hardware happens to have updated to newer versions of Chrome OS, you will need to downgrade to a previous version (69 or 79) before proceeding.

Follow below steps to downgrade your Chrome OS to version 69.

  1. A version compatible with ASUS Chromebox CN60 is hosted by Googled under the following link: Chrome OS panther 69.0

  2. A variety of further Chrome OS images are available under the following link:Chrome OS Updates Serving

  3. Please ensure that the you save the image for the downgrade on a USB flash drive formatted as FAT and providing at least 8 GB empty space.

  4. A guide to proceed is found in the paragraph Step 3: Enter recovery mode

  5. After setting up Kiosk mode (Guide) you can update Chrome OS to the newest version once more – see: Check for updates yourself

Setting up shop on current Chromeboxes

The current Chromeboxes by Acer, Asus and HP mesh very well with sklera. To ensure a swift setup and offline availability we have developed a standalone Digital Signage app. The following steps describe the installation process.

2) Activate Kiosk mode

Please execute the following steps when starting the Chromebox for the first time:

In case user data is already present on the device, follow the steps outlined here:Delete device data. Alternatively, contact us directly.

  1. Set up your Chrome Box and connect screen, mouse and keyboard. Power on the Chromebox.

  2. Configure your Keyboard-, Network-, etc. settings.

  3. WARNING! Before you log in, press Ctrl+Alt+K at the login screen to enable Kiosk mode. In the popup toggle the option 'Enable' to allow kiosk enabled apps to run on your device.

  4. Sign in to a Google account.
  5. Open a new Tab in Chrome and enter chrome://extensions in the address bar. Press enter.

  6. Check the 'Developer mode' checkbox.

  7. Click on 'Add kiosk app' and enter the id bmohpcdocjjomgdnemfjhpopekgpafbp.

  8. Press enter.

  9. Toggle 'Enable automatic start' if you want the App to start on its own. If you don't enable this you can manually launch the app from the tray.

  10. Upon the next reboot you'll be prompted whether you want to enable Kiosk mode. Enable it.

  11. Subsequently you can decide if installed Kiosk apps will be launched after the device is powered on. Click on confirm.

4)Deactivate Kiosk mode

Reboot the Chromebox to deactivate Kiosk mode. While the device is restarting, press Ctrl + Alt + S to interrupt the reboot and return to the Login screen.